Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


My involvement in Wicca ended badly- and I've not wanted to revisit that time of my life- but Rik, our last initiate, came round for a chat yesterday afternoon and- rather to my surprise- led me into happy reminiscence- so I suppose I've left that particular slough of despond behind.


Apart from the way it ended, being a witch was- take it all in all- a highly entertaining experience. I don't suppose I've ever had so much fun before or since. And it's good to know that Rik is keeping the name of our coven alive and handing on the flame. I'd have thought we'd have been long forgotten on the scene but apparently our names still count for something- and not only because we wrote a "how to do it" Wiccan manual. Rik was talking about us to a group of pagans and one of them said, "Tony Grist- isn't he the guy who founded the Manchester Goddess Group?"

Well, yes indeed. Way back In 1991. And how amazing that anyone still remembers. It was me and Kath Barber- with Ailz coming along shortly after to make it three.

You still out there, Kath?
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