Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Sunday Morning

The high pitched beeping noise carried on all through the night. It was very faint and- once I'd satisfied myself it wasn't coming from inside the house- I rolled over and went back to sleep. Renee called a meeting of concerned neighbours this morning. The noise was coming from the empty house next door to her and she'd had it bad.  Poor Renee- she always cops for these things-. the mice invade her property, her windows get broken, the noisy children next door move out only for the noisy workmen to move in.  We stood on the pavement and looked up at the unglazed windows and decided one of the guys must have left a power tool plugged in to charge.

And now- his power tool being fully charged- he's putting it to good use. Wurra-wurra-wurra.

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