Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Something has smacked our nice new car on the roof- removing a fleck of paint and leaving a small indentation. Ailz talks darkly about airplanes flushing their toilets on the approach to Manchester Ringway. If she's right it's not only annoying but scary. Someone could have been killed by that (hypothetical) bullet of frozen pee.

I started a cold yesterday. At first I thought it was hay fever- caused by the lovely bouquet Nick and Jon gave Ailz for baking their cake- but when my anti-hystemines didn't touch it I changed my mind. I often get colds at the turn of the season. Today I'm feeling a little better- but walking round as if balancing a stack of plates. Ailz treated me last night by rubbing my shoulders, neck and sinuses with Olbas oil- and I went to sleep in a cocoon of fire.

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