Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Getting Ready For The Wedding

We delivered the cake. Deep sigh of relief. The venue is all about weddings and golf. I scouted round and took some pictures (establishing shots) in case it rains today (which it might.).

After a very good lunch Ailz and Ruth went shopping and I took a stroll past the sewage works to the Liverpool and Leeds Canal. Why would a hedgehog curl up and die in full view on a country footpath? 

Barrowford Locks is pretty. Dads and their kids were biking up and down the tow path.

We collected our new car in the evening. We're renting it through Motability. Ailz spent the evening arranging her stuffed toys in the windows.

Michael Wood is presenting a new 4 part history of India. Apparently the brahmins in Kerala preserve wordless mantras that  go back to a time before human beings developed speech. The mode of communication they most ressemble is birdsong.

Last night I dreamed about a girl I was hopelessly and platonically in love with nearly 40 years ago.

Ailz is getting ready upstairs. She bought two pairs of earrings yesterday for £3.00. "Are those real pearls?" I ask. "Yes," she says. "And real silver too."

And now she's singing along to a CD of Irish Pub Songs.


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