Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


The cake is still standing. It didn't collapse under its own weight as Ailz was afraid it would. Now it has to be transported to the venue.

Ruth has bought a special box to carry it in- with clamps at the bottom to secure the base. But how do we get the cake into the box without damage? Well, we'll soon find out. 

I'm quite anxious about this wedding. I don't know why, exactly. All I have to do is turn up.

But- no- that's not true. About the just having to turn up. This is family. I'm emotionally involved. 

Talking about family, I dreamed last night that I'd been introduced to my "real" father. He was Indian, he looked a bit like the actor Roshan Seth and his name was Horatio Barmpot. He and I had a deep and meaningful conversation which I now forget.

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