Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Wedding Cake

The wedding is two days away. The cake is Ruth and Ailz's project but I find I'm getting drawn in.

Yesterday Ailz and I made a ton of white chocolate icing. You melt the chocolate down, add gelatine and leave it to stand for a day. White chocolate doesn't taste much like chocolate- more like condensed milk. Ruth is coming round this afternoon and the cake is going to be constructed- tier upon tier- and then the white chocolate gloop icing will be poured all over it. This will be the moment of truth. 

The final stage- this is the bride's idea and I think/hope she's going to see to it- is that the cake will be decorated with roses. Not pretend roses- real roses. I find this hard to visualise.

And I've had it intimated to me that I'm going to be expected to decorate the surface of the cake with pictures of cats outlined in chocolate buttons. There are three problems here. One: I can't draw cats. Two: How on earth do you draw anything with buttons? Three: Won't the pictures be hidden by the roses?  Bah- they can't be serious- can they?

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