Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Miscellaneous Updates

I stuffed my ears with cotton wool. This cuts the sound of the house alarm down to a tick, tick, tick and I was able to pretend it was a clock.

The new people are moving in next door. I don't know anything about them yet, but I've caught glimpses of two young Pakistani women. Yesterday they were performing exorcism; they had all the windows open and were ripping out carpets and scrubbing kitchen cupboards. The old lady used to be very quiet (except sometimes for her TV) so it was odd to hear voices resonating through the empty rooms.

I've been re-reading Stevie Smith's last collection- Scorpion. I love this book. Whenever I try to write in a female voice, I take Stevie as my model.

My copy of Scorpion was given me by my first wife. In the front she's written a little dedication to "Anthony". I thought I'd always been "Tony" to her, but apparently not. I wonder when the switch occurred.
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