Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Cake Day

I know the rule is "i before e except after c", but it never looks right does it? The word niece for example, what a monster that is.

Anyway, that's just the preamble. The thing is our niece Nicola is getting married and my sister-in-law, in a moment of madness, volunteered herself and Ailz to make the cake. 

Do you know what it costs to get one of those things made by a professional?  £600-£700.

Mind you, this won't be your conventional cake. Nic has a very specific vision. Firstly it's going to be chocolate, secondly it's going to have four tiers, thirdly the tiers aren't going to be supported on nice, little neoclassical columns, but will rest on one another- like it was the step pyramid of Sakkara,  fourthly the whole, huge monument is going to to be coated- evenly- in white chocolate, fifthly it's going to be decorated with chocolate curls (whatever they are) and have real roses on top. 

Do Ruth and Ailz have experience of making enormous cakes?


But they have picked up some useful tips. Apparently all the professionals use Betty Crocker cake mixes. Yes, really. 

Well, the wedding is less than a month away now and today is Cake Day.  Ailz is going to bake a trial cake and so is Ruth and then they're getting together to learn from their mistakes. 

I'm glad I'm just an innocent bystander.

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