Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

All Vaguely Political

1. My friend in Nashville is wondering who to vote for in the upcoming mayoral elections. She recommends David Briley's campaign site to me and I'm recommending it on to you. Firstly the guy  looks exactly like the late Auberon Waugh and secondly you can listen to his grand-daddy's campaign song- which is a ripe, little piece of vintage Americana. Bus me to a polling booth, I wanna vote for him too!

2. Tony Blair was getting madder and madder-looking in the cartoons. By the end, the Guardian's Steve Bell only had to draw one huge staring eye and we all knew exactly who was meant.  Now he's not there any more and in his place is this great lumbering bear of a man with tiny eyes and thick slobbery lips. It always takes cartoonists a while to get a handle on a new prime minister. At present Gordon Brown looks quite human- but that'll change...

3. It has emerged (in answer to a request under the Freedom of Information Act) that Tony Blair spoke to Rupert Murdoch three times in the ten days leading up to the invasion of Iraq. Unsurprising, I guess, but nice to have it documented.

4. The BBC is in trouble for faking stuff in its shows. There was a debate on Newsnight with Michael Grade (once Director General of the Beeb and now head of ITV) pontificating about how things had now reached an all-time low. One of the other contributors (I can't tell you who because I was only half watching) said (in so many words) "Oh come on Michael, we got up to some dreadful things in your time and I can't believe you didn't know."  It was glossed over...

5. I've never known rain like this. Day after day after day. So, yes, I'm convinced about climate change.
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