Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Paying The Price

Federer v Safin on the centre court at Wimbledon. Safin is a big hitter with two Grand Slam titles under his belt, who, briefly, held the world # 1 position. Federer almost nonchalantly sweeps him aside- winning in three.

And the commentators are talking about how come Federer is winning so easily and McEnroe says (I don't have the exact words) "Well, Safin likes to enjoy his success, but Federer came straight here from Paris and has been practising, practising, practising."

You want to be the best at anything and there's a price. Like in The Prestige where the feuding magicians are competing to see who can die the most deaths to get to the top.  You want something really badly, you have to put other things aside.  So Federer gets to be the greatest tennis player of his generation but Safin gets to party.

And the question is- which would you rather be? 

And what about the person who puts everything but everything into his obsession but still finishes second (because he just doesn't have the talent). Sheesh, I'm not sure I want to even think about him.

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