Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Very Small Woman

The woman from two doors down comes knocking at the door to say she's having her front garden paved (like Sameena-next-door) and would I like her ornamental plant pot. Yes, I would like her ornamental plant pot very much. The reason she's doing what she's doing, she says, is that her kids are in the habit of stomping anything she plants and she might as well go with the flow. 

She's a very small woman and she reminds me- as all very small women do- of our dear friend Les who won't have anything to do with us anymore. Ailz rang her number the other day and of course it had been changed. No, I'm not still hurting, but if I'm a recovering misanthrope (which I am) it's because of what happened back then. I've had a lot of shocks in my life and that was the biggest- because it was the least expected. It taught me two things. One: you don't own people.  Two: no-one loves a benefactor.
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