Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


We were at my mother's house and going through drawers- the way you do- and we found her WWII army jacket- which I used to wear to play soldiers in. She can still get into it, though the buttons are a stretch. 

How very, very slim she must have been.

We also found some spoons and things- horribly tarnished.  Discoveries like this turn me slightly manic- and I volunteered to polish them all.  My mother produced a book on silvermarks and we dated what we could. There were three Georgian spoons and everything else was Victorian or twentieth century. The egg cup (Birmingham 1919) was- my mother thinks- a trophy my grandfather won playing tennis.

And then there was a box of trinkets belonging to my grandmother- including some inch-high dolls in traditional costume she brought back from Mallorca- at least 40 years ago- still  in their  tissue paper and as smart and bright as if the shop assistant had just wrapped them. 
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