Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Angevin Empire

Keith, my bro-in-law, was showing us pictures from their holiday in the Dordogne. They were staying with English friends in their house in a dirt-poor medieval town where, judging from the pictures, there are no French people whatsoever.

The French flee their countryside for the city, leaving the field wide open for middle-class English people to come in and gobble-up property at ridiculous prices. If this trend continues, rural France will be populated entirely by the English and we'll be well on track towards re-establishing the glorious Angevin Empire.

In the reign of Henry II (remember him from the Lion in Winter?) the Kings of England (who were Frenchmen really) controlled a coastal strip that ran all the way from the Scottish borders to the Pyrenees. It was a geographical unit that made as much sense as most modern nations. I want it back. I want it back NOW!
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