Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Two Cheers

Today's theme is Corporations Doing the Right Thing.

1. The LJ management has apologised for causing yesterday's flurry of bewilderment. When I checked just now Barak Berkowitz's post had drawn over 600 comments- most of them saying "about time too". It's a fairly handsome apology- and the moral of the story is that if enough of us peons assemble in the main square waving our bill hooks the people in the residencia will sit up and take notice.  Hooray!

2. In 1946 Salvador Dali designed an animation for Disney. The project was shelved because (I guess) the weirdness factor was too great for Uncle Walt to stomach. Now- a mere 61 years later- the seven minute movie- entitled Destino- has been completed and is about to be pemiered at Tate Modern in London. This came about not because the Disney corporation had a fit of conscience but because some lawyer pointed out that Disney's ownership of its priceless hoard of Destino-related Dali artwork was dependent on the movie actually being made. Ah well-  never mind the motive, feel the outcome. Hooray!
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