Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Thanks to the_red_shoes I spent much of yesterday browsing YouTube. She got me going with a whole collection of different singers giving us their take on "She Moved Through The Fair"- which is one of the loveliest songs ever- and from there I moved to the works of Loreena McKennit- the Canadian New-Age singer-songwriter with the pre-raphaelite hair- and then- as was bound to happen- I wound up looking at clips of the Great Randi exposing fake psychics and off-cuts from Most Haunted.

When I first joined LJ in 2004 nobody was posting video. Now it's all over the shop. Ain't it strange how change mostly just creeps up on us and we scarcely notice? YouTube? It's always been there, hasn't it?  Only it hasn't. YouTube was founded just two years ago. Two years!  And now we take it for granted.
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