Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

IKEA- Beyond Time And Space

We cheered ourselves up by going to IKEA to buy furniture to replace the stuff Joe took with him. 

His old room is no longer a mystic cave with weaponry on the walls and a statuette of the Grim Reaper silhouetted against the drawn curtains but a rather sorry little box with tatty wallpaper and even tattier carpet. 

I suppose it's going to become our guest room. But first Carl must work his magic. 

Talking about IKEA- the max headroom notice at the entrance to their multi-story carpark doesn't seem to take into account the speed bump under the gateway to the second floor. Our big white mutha cleared gate #1 with no problems but gate #2  took out our aerial and made serious clonking and dragging noises all along our roof. "There goes the deposit," said Ailz, but in fact the rental company was very nice about it and even apologised for the aerial "falling off". I guess it's the way Ailz tells 'em. 

So anyway, I now have two single sofa beds and a long tall CD case to assemble. I love the names IKEA gives its products. The sofa beds are called Lycksele and the CD case is called Benno. 

And, before we leave the subject,  pickwick wasn't the only one to notice that the Tardis now has an IKEA paperweight- one of those big glass balls with bubbles in- on its control console.  Perhaps I'm a bad Whovian but, unlike most of my FL, I thought last night's episode was a bit ordinary. Evil scientist turns into enormous CGI monster- cue lots of running around and an explosion. Yawn. And since when have English cathedrals had holes in their ceilings with bells hung above them?  I can forgive bad science but an ignorance of medieval architecture really gets up my nose.
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