Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Newstead III

Here is Ailz, wearing her ever so fashionable cap, enjoying a sit down in the courtyard cafe. Another remarkable thing about Newstead is that the catering is really very good. Also there are ducks and peacocks wandering about, begging for treats. 

And here is Ailz, still wearing her ever so fashionable cap, waiting to be admitted by the disabled entrance. This door is known as "The Dark Entry". I was hoping it might have some ghastly medieval legend or ghost story attached to it, but the sad truth, the guide explained,  is that it got its name simply because it opens onto a dark passage.

But there are ghosts at Newstead. The most famous of them is the Black Friar who used to appear to the Byrons when one of them was about to suffer a disaster. Byron the poet maintained that the Friar showed up in his dressing room shortly before his ill-advised, short-lived and scandal-generating marriage to Arabella Millman.
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