Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Round And Round In Circles

You saw the White Lady?  No you didn't. You glimpsed a barn-owl out of the corner of your eye.

A notoriously haunted room? Just dig these magnotometer readings.

Feel you're being watched? Well you would with all these old portraits on the wall.

Fact is, nothing is ever going to convince a convinced sceptic that s/he's wrong. 

So we go round and round in circles. The believer puts evidence on the table. The sceptic explains it away. 

But are the sceptics really being scientific? Isn't this materialism of theirs just another belief-system? 

A Victorian belief system.

Surely  modern physics- with its dark matter and multiple dimensions and weirdly behaving particles- not only accomodates but predicts the paranormal.  
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