Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


1. Why does the peril in Dr Who always have to be so apocalyptic?  Why can't we have villains who want to do something a little less extreme like- I don't know- invade Poland or something? 

2. Stevie Smith's Novel on Yellow Paper is all about voice. She rambles, she reminisces, she rants. It isn't a novel it's a blog. 

3. Commas:  I think I use too many. But then that's how I speak. With lots of loooong pauses.

4. Joe took a picture of his girlfriend and there were three orbs in it. The rational explanation is that they're dust motes caught in the flash and the other explanation is that they're bright little balls of spirit energy. Afterwards he went all round the house snapping away, hoping to duplicate the effect- and he couldn't.

5. Yes, there's a new girlfriend. She's called Vicky.

6. When I'm stalking Googling my contemporaries and near-contemporaries who wanted ecclesiastical careers and got them and are now retired or nearing retirement I think "Well, what good did that do you?"
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