Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

It's A Strange Old World

Just as well that I went and took pictures of daffodils when I did because the weather has returned to the default position- strong winds and light continuous rain. We have a little clump of daffodils in our front yard, right against the wall and normally by this stage some passer-by will have picked them, but I just checked and they're still out there, hanging their heads.

Joe has spring-cleaned his room. There's now a mat tacked to the outside of his door- a souvenir of Iraq. It has his army nickname stitched across it and the motto Basrah 2003. Yup, '03- we've been stuck in that nightmare for four years now.

Shazia Mirza had a programme last night about female body hair. Right on!  I'm all for it myself; I think it's sexy. But what was just amazing and dispiriting was the footage of all these plug-ugly men screwing up their faces at the mention of women with hairy legs. Talk about male privilege! One of the plug-uglies was the male half of Richard and Judy.  Shazia flashed him her armpits and he said it made him feel sick. How very, very weird. 

I was reading an on-line book about gurus yesterday. Check it out here. It's extraordinary just how sleazy, mendacious, bossy and paranoid all these World Teachers and Avatars of the Divine are and were.
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