Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Secret Gardening

The grassy bank that slopes up to Meldrum Street has been fenced off from us as part of the alley-gateing scheme (see previous post).  I used to view it as a sort of secondary garden and I'll miss it.

Here's a poem I wrote about it back in the day. 

                                    SECRET GARDENING


                                    The bank at the back that slopes up from the ginnel:

                                    I cherish it as a stretch of wild Nature

                                    Where various kinds of grasses tangle

                                    And cats- our cats- go hunting for mice.


                                    I lift the little, chewed-up corpses

                                    Off the floor with dustpan and brush

                                    Then sling them back home up the banking-

                                    Earth to earth.


                                                            There are few wild flowers-

                                    Loosestrife chiefly and lots of nettles-

                                    Stuff that will settle for builders' rubble.

                                    We had a four foot foxglove once,

                                    Heart-stopping,  purple.  A selfish neighbour

                                    Carried it off to her own back garden.



                                                I work the other way,

                                    Removing plants to the bank I don't want

                                    Choking my borders.  I hid a little

                                    Ash tree there in a nettlebed.

                                    I pay it visits.  And yes I know-

                                    How very old maidish of me.  So what?

                                    I mean to be shameless as I grow old.

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