Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


We watched the first instalment of a two part show called The 100 Most Annoying Pop Songs....You Hate to Love.  Now if I'd been asked to come up with the title I'd have banged my head against the wall until I'd eliminated that line of dots in the middle. But an annoying show with an annoying title- I guess it makes sense.

The subtle thing about the exercise is that this wasn't just a parade of bad songs. These were songs- some of them really good-  which for one reason or another have become tiresome.  So Dire Strait's Money for Nothing was
there- which is a mighty song, but one that we've heard way too often. Same thing with Bohemian Rhapsody.   Also on the list (ironically enough) was REM's Shiny Happy People- a song about prozac that is deliberately designed to get on your nerves.

And then there were songs that are fine in themselves but grate because the singer- Dido, Michael Bolton, Leo Sayer- is just so bland or self-satisfied or weirdly annoying. Should Ricky Martin be placed in this category? Well, that's the fun of shows like this, you get to shout at the talking heads. Maybe Martin is a little too buff and handsome and shiny of tooth to be likeable- but, then again, La Vida Loca is just awesome.

And what about all those pounding, repetitive dance tracks? Surely they fall into a category of their own. They're not meant to be just listened to. "Techno, techno, techno"- yes, very irritating if you're sprawled in your armchair,  but not if you're out on the dance floor waving your arms around.

I woke up this morning feeling unusually tetchy. So did Ailz. I wonder why?
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