Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Following On

For many years my imagination kept going back to Egypt- not to the real Egypt so much, but to an Egypt of the imagination- most particularly to Alexandria- a city I've never visited.

(Well, not in this lifetime, anyway.)

And to the friends I have there.

Firstly, St Antony of Egypt- my namesake. He crops up in a lot of my poems. He and I were introduced by our mutual friend Hieronymous Bosch. We share an interest in solitude and demons.

Secondly Hypatia- my soul friend. Where St Antony stayed in costume, Hypatia was happy to change into denim. I used to talk to her a lot. She found me ridiculous and said so. The longest poem I've ever written belongs to her.

Who? Why? What?  No, I don't want to answer those questions. There are some things one shouldn't poke about in with one's nasty, inky fingers. 

I haven't visited either of them in a very long time. It wouldn't feel right to do so. But they're still there, sitting in their caves. And still dear to me. Very dear.

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