Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

By Way Of Explanation

I have a lot of poems lying around- mostly dating from the 1990s. Poetry was what I did before I discovered LJ. 

I published quite a few in poetry magazines, but- really- that's more or less the same as putting them straight in the waste-bin, isn't it?

My experience of the poetry world- even at a low level- is that it's all about schmoozing and log-rolling and back-biting and ass-licking and really the thought of getting involved in all that makes me sick.

The world is full of poets. There are thousands, millions, cawing and clawing for attention.  At any given time only one or two of them will be any good. 

I used to "work" as a poetry reviewer. It got to be soul-destroying. So much utter cack.

But as Orson Welles said, "no professional artist sets out to do bad work"- so it behooves one to be kind.

I don't know if my poems are any good- the odds are very much against it- but I'm fond of them.

Which is why I drop one into the discourse every now and then. 
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