Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Welcome To My World

All the stuff that Ailz and I have Googled recently 

I shall endeavour to answer any questions that may arise......

Alderley edge map, Alderley map, Alderley villages, Alibris UK, Alien photographs, Amy Grant, Aquarius, Ashley Judd, Audio books, Barbara stanwyck, Baudelaire, Baudelaire l'invitation, Belisario, Belisario london cries, Benjamin Franklin, Bergman, Bergman in the presence of a clown, Blackbird beatles, Blogger, Bolton college, Bon prix, British summer time 2007, Brook lapping, Bury college, Castaneda, Castle of otranto, Catherine the great, Chelford, Cheshire villages, Choice Grenfell, Choice grenfell audio CD, Christopher campling, Clarissa chapman, Claudia chapman, Collier cleopatra, Crouching tiger, Cumnor house, Dance of death, David tennant, David von simson, David wells, 'Definition of the genre of autobiography', Dennis day, Dryden secular masque, Ebay, Egg, Erl konig, Erlkoenig, Euan McColl, Fiat, Fitness courses, Fitness courses in different environments, Fletcher the pilgrim, Frakes, Freeview, Fugue, Georges brassens, Gerald gardner, Gerry mentalmen, Ghost photographs, Gladstone pottery musuem, Glastonbury, Gorbashlay, Gorbashley, Gottlieb shlick, Graduate teaching programme, Graham craddock, Gregory peck, Hair the movie, 'Hair the musical', Hilden grange, Hogarth, Houdon, Hydrocodone, Ian walker, IAWTC, Ingres, Inherit the wind,  J k rowling, Jack bauer vladimir, Jane ear flaps, Jane ear muffs, Jeff Chandler, John buchan, John fletcher, John green, Jonathan frakes, Josephine baker, Joyce Grenfell, Kath-barber, Kath_barber, Kathryn hunter, Kia cars, King of kings, Laibach, lancing college, Landscape and memory, Leicester foxy, Leonara carrington, Les aimants, Life on mars, Lindberg kidnapping, Loretta lynn, Lovers, Manet, Michaleen, Ming the twat, Mini trampoline, Moktadr el sadr, Moon anomalies, Museo archeologico sperlonga, Myspace, Naomi judd, New cars under £6000, New every morning is the life, Newcastle under lyne, Oak moss, Olbas oil, Olbas oil 2 ml, Olbas oil 2ml, Oldham college, Our waking and uprising prove, Paranormal, Patrick halsey, Pentagon vauxhall chadderton, Percocet, Peyote, Philip j corso, Piece work,, Poliphilo, Proline DVD 1040, Pubic hair, R.A.B, Richard ferreira, Rome, Rome BBC, Roswell, Rowlandson's english dance of death, Rowling bibliography, Sara parrish, Schick, Sperlonga reconstruzziano, Scilla sperlonga, Scopes monkey trial, Scylla reconstruction, Scylla sperlonga, Scylla tiberius, See jane run, Senator for cenneticut, Sentry go, Shall be taken away even, Shick, Shop, Sic, Slip slip sliding, Spam, Staffordshire, Stoke on trent, Strange, Strange things, Strip lighting, Tamworth, Tate, Tharsallus, The body in the library, The book depository, The greatest story ever told, The horrors of slavery and other writings, Three living and three dead, Tolkien, Tom griffiths, Tommy, Tonsils, Tony grist, Troll, Villon ballade, Virgin trains, Wabba, Watteau, Wedgewood, Wedgewood fashion merit, Weird stuff, Welles filming othello, Welles other side of the wind, Wellman filmography, Wendy-raphael, 'What is an autobiography?', Wii, Wilde whitman sonnet, William Hartnell, William Wellman, Wright of derby, YMCA.

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