Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Ailz's physio says the reason physios are better at giving injections than doctors is that doctors in med school practice on oranges whereas physios practise on one another and themselves.


I don't like needles. I trace this back to an incident in boyhood when we took my baby sister to the clinic to have a jab and at the very last moment my mother sprang it on me that I was having one too.  I have vivid memories of weeping bitterly and having to be dragged out from under a table. 

She meant well.

This morning, while Ailz was getting seen to, I sat  in the waiting room and read a couple of nearly-up-to-date women's magazines. I value these opportunities to mug up on celebrity culture. Today, for instance, I learned about Kerry Catona's cocaine habit and how she's fallen out with her mum and finally discovered just who this Lindsay Lohan character is.
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