Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Just For The Record

I was living in a haunted house. I went into a room where an invisible old man sat muttering in a corner and saw a soldier in uniform lying on the floor. He was  aged about thirty, thickset, foreign; I gathered he was a prisoner of war. He got up and we walked into the village together. He said he was from the East, from Vienna and that he'd fought for the nazis. By this time it was plain to me that I was female and he and I had an emotional connection. We went into a cafe where a much older woman greeted him and then it all started to break up...

It was one of those dreams. Very vivid.  I woke up and thought, " that was really important." So all through the rest of the night I kept waking to check the details to make sure they were still clear in my head. Then I come to  write it down next morning and  there's nothing to it. So what's going on? Is it the garbled memory of some past life experience? That's what I'd like to believe.
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