Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Half Blood Prince

Order of the Phoenix is the best of the books- considered simply as a book or literary artefact. It's the one in which Rowling stretches herself and her readers the furthest-  the one that makes me think of Dickens.

Half Blood Prince doesn't make me think of Dickens. There's a falling back into the comfort zone.  It's like Chamber of Secrets on steroids.

Lots of back story. This is more Voldemort's book than Harry's.  We're marking time.  It's a transitional work, preparing us for what we all hope will be the whizz-bang climax of the Deathly Hallows.

Of course Harry had to fall in love sometime. I wish Rowling cared more about this side of things. I wish, actually, that she was more interested in her female characters. The ones who come alive are the eccentrics- Hermione, Luna, Tonks. She wants us to care about Ginny Weasley and we're eager to oblige- but do we? I'm afraid I don't.

Slughorn  is the best new character. I've known teachers like him. 

Boarding schools run on sexual energy.  All those adolescents. All that celibacy. I wish there could be more than hints of this in the books, but yes- I know, I know- not in front of the children.

The last hundred pages are riveting. But I don't see how I can discuss them without spoilers. 
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