Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Enough Winter Already

I nearly used the phrase "long winter days". Technically wrong, emotionally right. The greyness and the wetness just go on and on and on- and  there aren't any Christmas baubles hanging around  to make up for the lack of colour.

February is sacred to Juno Februa- Goddess of fevers and sexual desire. I find this a cheering thought.

Ailz went for a fasting blood test this morning. And- it being in the air- she got talking to the nurse about Harry Potter. The nurse said she and her kids can't be doing with Rowling. They find her "too fanciful".  Erm, right....

Nowhere did it say in any of the literature we read when we got them that what rabbits really like to eat is telephone directories.
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