Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Jade Goody

You don't see it on TV very often because TV is prurient when it comes to the pettier human vices,  but Jade's behaviour- gathering her homies in a corner to play with her grievance and big it up, skirting round forbidden words and phrases-is something I''ve done- and you'll have done it too.  It wasn't  nice to watch, and we 'd rather not be reminded of how close we are to the chimps (the rage of Caliban seeing himself in a mirror) but it doesn't merit the horrid overkill of the tabloids. "BIGOT AND FAKE" yelled one of them this morning. Oh come off it, she didn't take the country to war on a false prospectus, she didn't drop bombs from a great height on women and children...

She's damaged, she's ignorant, she's chippy; you diss her and she'll have you.  But for all that she was out of control, she mainly minded her lip. Racist? Perhaps, but you can hear far worse on the British high street any day of the week from people who are smarter and better educated than she is. Bully? If you say so, but it looked like bluster to me- and  Shilpa seems perfectly capable of fighting her corner. 

I hear Debenhams has/have (are these big corporations singular or plural?) taken her perfume off the shelves. How petty is that? And who's doing the ganging up now?
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