Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Yellow Stuff

1. What's this yellow stuff splashed all over the kitchen? Sunlight? Oh, yes, I think I remember...

2. I've been watching marathons of a couple of shows that feed you weird, little, five minute dramas then ask you to guess which of them really happened. One of them's called True or False and the other 's called Urban Legends. The first  is hosted by Jonathan Frakes. It's a genius format.  I find I can't switch off.  It's like eating chocolates. 

3. Frakes seems to be morphing into Orson Welles. OK, he's not in the same league as an actor and director, but I can easily picture him selling sherry. He's got the voice and the beard and the waistline.  All he's lacking is the hat.

4. Elsewhere on LJ I got into George Bernard Shaw. Time for a revival, I think. It's a measure of how good he is that, in spite of  being wiped out of the canon, his plays still hold the stage. By any objective set of criteria he's a much better writer than Oscar Wilde. 

5. The late 20th century needed a Great Gay Writer so it grabbed hold of Wilde and inflated him. Wilde is a genius- one of the first great media personalities, the Stephen Fry of the 1890s- but he's not a great writer. He's derivative, sentimental, amateurish  and his prose style's a disgrace. Shaw is everything Wilde is not- steely, original, and a great pro. Also he writes the most beautiful English. When I was a kid Shaw was regarded as a literary titan and Wilde as an accomplished entertainer. I'd say this was one of the few instances of  the 1950s getting it  right and the Noughties getting it wrong. 

6. Is it true or false that Jonathan Frakes moonlights as a furniture salesman? Stay tuned; we'll tell you at the end of the show...
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