Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Red Elastic Bands

It's a relatively new phenomenon: the Post Office issues postmen with red elastic bands and the postmen broadcast  them up and down our streets.  Surely it would save the Post Office a fortune if the postmen were encouraged to put them in their pockets and take them back to the depot for re-use.

I pick them up sometimes. I have a little stash in a kitchen drawer. Mainly I use them to re-seal  bags of freezer food.

I found one on an upstairs window sill yesterday. I suppose a bird was planning to build it into her nest. Incidentally, that implies the birds think it's spring already- as well they might with the mild weather we've been having. 

Or perhaps she thought it was a worm.

I picked up a couple just now as I was waving Ailz and Ruth off on their shopping expedition. It's like harvesting blackberries or wildflowers or the pennies people drop at bus stops; I get a lift from it.

I love getting stuff for free.
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