Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Get With The Jive, Daddy-o!

Ailz was listening to the Seekers yesterday. I was mildly scornful. "Oh, yes," she replied, "And who's the youngest artist in your CD collection- Paul McCartney?" 

That shut me up.

At the very time she was playing the Seekers I was downstairs listening to the Velvet Underground.

And my last three CD purchases were compilations of Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet and George Brassens- all now members of the choir invisible.

There's not much music from the past thirty years I really like. Oh, I'll listen to contemporary stuff, but it wouldn't occur to me to buy it. Ailz is much more savvy. She just bought Katie Melua and Snow Patrol. Her tastes may be middle of the road, but at least they're up to date.

It's rather the same with cinema. Yesterday, belatedly, I bought a copy of Teh Big Gay Cowboy Movie ( a snip at £4.99)  but, if I'm honest, my heart is elsewhere. I try to keep up with the movies, but the things I usually buy- the things I want in my collection- are from thirty, forty, fifty years back. 

In the good old days people like me used to be known as squares. I don't know if there's a modern equivalent.
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