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Tony Grist

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Seasonal [Dec. 23rd, 2006|01:55 pm]
Tony Grist
1. Thank you,  senordildo for the CD of evil Xmas music. It plays in the background as I write.

2. Joe has a taste for Hair. Inexplicable to me unless it's somehow genetic; his mother and I used to love that one- the Original New York cast recording- with Diane Keaton somewhere in the mix. He was playing it this morning- loud- before setting off to work. 

My hair as Jesus wore it.
Alleluia, I adore it!
Mother Mary loved her son;
Why don't my mother love me?

3. For a moment after the divine Spoonerism came to me I entertained an insane hope that I'd invented it, but I Googled and found that lots of people had been there before me. Ah well- let me pass it on. In the words of the greeting that resounds at this time of year down the long, bleak corridors of Teutonic insane asylums- God bless you, Gerry Mentalmen.

From: senordildo
2006-12-23 03:45 pm (UTC)
I'm relieved that the CD arrived before Christmas, and I hope it proves suitably evil. Phil Spector's arrest on murder charges will hopefully up the evil quotient...
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[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2006-12-23 04:04 pm (UTC)
We just had a visitor who's a big Elvis fan. We played it to him.

What's happening with Spector these days- is he awaiting trial?
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From: senordildo
2006-12-23 04:49 pm (UTC)
Yes, I think he's on bail. Considering his past guns-in-the-studio highjinks I'm guessing that he accidentally shot the girl. I hope they let him keep his toupee in prison.

Someone once wrote that finding "Santa Claus Is Back in Town" on Elvis' otherwise sedate christmas album was like finding a cheeseburger in a medicine cabinet.
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