Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

After A Broken Night

1. It sounds like they've got the baby in the room adjoining ours. It's probably their bedroom. The walls are good and thick but I guess my brain is hardwired to respond to the little peeping noises it makes at four in the morning.  Oh dear, baby in distress: must do something!  Afterwards I find it hard to get back to sleep. This morning I waited a couple of hours then mixed myself a whisky and coke and glugged it back like medicine. I'm not sure if it worked or whether I'd have nodded off anyway but I had some vivid dreams at some stage between then and breakfast.

2. As soon as I gave up on it Torchwood started to improve. I've liked all of the last three episodes. The most recent- about the plane-load of people who fly in from 1953- was really quite affecting. I still don't  like the characters though. The only one who isn't dull is Owen- and he's reptilian. 

3. Alan Yentob was celebrating the early years of television last night and making the point that we Brits invented it-  well done us! Most of the footage was familiar; I suppose because there's not much of it left to choose from. The Coronation- yawn. Muffin the Mule- good grief, we found that entertaining? He interviewed Maureen Lipman- on the specious grounds that she once played an early BBC announcer/monster from outer space in Dr Who- and she had a  theory about where that clipped early BBC accent came from.  it was all down to 18th century courtiers imitating the speech patterns of their Hanoverian king. Why yes, but of course!

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