Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Britain's Greatest Living Cultural Icon

The Culture Show has been conducting a poll to discover Britain's greatest living cultural icon. The final three were McCartney, Morrissey and Sir David Attenborough. And we're a nation of animal-lovers so Sir David won.

I've never sat down and watched one of his shows. My attitude to animals- wild or otherwise- is let 'em get on with their lives and I'll get on with mine. Human beings interest me, animals don't. 

Except, of course for rabbits. Rabbits interest me hugely. 

These poll-thingies are interesting (I suppose) in what they tell us about ourselves. The final ten contained four musicians- the other two were David Bowie and Kate Bush- but only one actor- Michael Caine. Where were Connery, McKellen and Dench? And there was only one comedian- Stephen Fry- and I was thinking comedy was the new rock and roll. But perhaps that was last year or the year before. Now, it seems, rock and roll is the new comedy.

I was lying in bed last night wondering who my Number One British Cultural Icon would be and  plumped for Matt Lucas- who sealed his iconic status yesterday by entering into a civil partnership with his boyfriend. I think Matt is the finest comic actor/comedian since Peter Sellers.

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