Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Fear Of Death

Fear Of Death

Like a rogue planet, swinging suddenly close,
Drawing the tides,

Pulling everything out of shape,
Causing migraines,
Causing toothache.

Like a pirate ship, heaving out of the mist-
Grinning, undernourished faces along the taffrail and a flag that says No Mercy.

The rain falling or the sun shining and it feeling the same,
The phone ringing or not ringing- both equally  bad.

Oh get away with you, you helium-inflated nightmare. You have been talked up. I don't believe in you.

You're not a planet, or a ship, or a flag;  not even a  bobbing balloon. 

You're just things going on as usual, as they're supposed to, at this stage.
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