Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

What's In The Post?

Almost all the mail that comes into the house is for Ailz. That's because she deigns to deal with corporations- fills in their on-line questionnaires, buys things from catalogues etc. I do my best to keep below the radar.

When was the last time I got a letter? I mean a proper letter from a proper human being, beginning "Dear Tony" and ending "love, X". It must be years.

I used to like writing letters.

I still get magazines through the post. The magazines I subscribe to are:
Current Archaeology
World Archaeology
Radio Times

We get hundreds of catalogues. Literally hundreds. At the rate of two or three a day. Most go into the recycling box unviewed. The only ones I bother with are the ones from the companies selling DVDs of world cinema.

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