Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Please To Remember...

The shops used to carry Guy Fawkes masks. This year I haven't seen a single one. There probably weren't any last year either, but I wasn't looking.

Oldham used to mount a  big civic firework display in the park. That was dropped several years ago- round about the beginning of the millennium- and no-one seems to have complained- or even noticed.

Bonfire Night has been edged out by Halloween. Ghosts and witches instead of Catholic terrorists with Van Dyck beards. It's understandable. Ghosts and witches are perennially fascinating; most of us stopped being frightened of pointy-bearded Catholics a while ago.

I did wonder whether V For Vendetta might reverse the trend. Apparently not. Alan Moore's novel is a period piece- which could be why the film didn't do that well. No contemporary freedom fighter would think of wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. Apart from anything else, he wouldn't be able to find a shop to sell him one.
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