Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Captain Jack is a lot cooler than he used to be. Maybe that's what death and resurrection do for you. Oh Gawd, I've only just realised, this makes him a Christ figure, doesn't it?

He yaps a lot less than he used to. Now he's into witty one-liners. And the man of mystery vibe. I covet that 1940s USAF great coat. 

He and the new girl have this promising Holmes-Watson, Steed-Peel, Doctor-Rose relationship.  She's nice. I love the Welshness. 

Burn Gorman was a fabulous Guppy in Bleak House. Here he is again as one of the Torchwood team- the weaselly one (obviously). Will he steal this show too?

The story about the alien who harvests orgasms was pretty cheesy, but the treatment wasn't. Imagine what Gene Rodenberry would have made of it. Here it was all about the sadness of anonymous sex (on the rainy streets of Cardiff) and  how it turns a person to dust. 

I think the BBC has another cult on its hands.


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