Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Last Episode Of Extras

The last episode of Extras packed in so many celebs- including one star of such mega-wattage it made my jaw drop- that it couldn't help but feel disjointed.  It's been a bitty show. Scatter-gun. Uncertain in tone. Where The Office was consistent and uniformly beautiful, Extras has been all over the place.

Millman as a TV star,  nominated for a BAFTA, appearing in an avant-garde play directed by Ian McKellen, prancing about homo-erotically with Jonathan Ross?  What universe was this supposed to be exactly? 

It played a bit like a sketch show. Some of the sketches were stronger than others. 

Lots of delicious cameos. Ian Mckellen explaining "why I am so good at acting", Daniel Radcliffe and his condom, Ronnie Corbett as a coke-fiend, almost any of the little scenes between Stephen Merchant and "Barry off Eastenders".

If it failed to live up to its promise, it wasn't for lack of ambition.

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