Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Journey Of Souls

Michael Newton's Journey of Souls is about what we get up to between incarnations. He's a hypnotherapist. He discovered that if you put people in a theta state they'll start remembering their existence as discarnate souls.

The universe is a school. Souls are little innocent, fizzy sparks of pure whizzbangery- a little like the soot-demons in My Friend Totoro, only white- and they need to get an education. 

There are lots of planets where they can incarnate. Earth has a reputation- out there in the cosmos- as a pretty tough assignment.

But- no gain without pain:  that's the school motto.

Karma is fierce but not unfriendly. Do something mean and you'll get it done back to you- eventually. Maybe 700 years later. But no soul is forced into a life it doesn't want. It gets to pick lives, as if from a catalogue. There's a lot of consultation and forward planning. 

Souls are androgynous, but  have gender preferences . The wiser they get the less they care.

Every soul belongs in a group of friends. These friends stick together for all eternity. They  incarnate together.  And in between incarnations they hang out together and chill and catch up on their homework.

You'll never have friends like your soul-friends. They're your homies.  All for one and one for all. 

Each soul also has a guide. And guides have guides. And the guides of guides have guides. All the way to the vanishing point.

New souls are white. Then they turn yellow, then blue. When you get to purple you're an ascended master or an archangel or a god or something long those lines.

It can take tens of thousands of years to aquire a yellow tinge.

At any given time about three quarters of the earth's population is made up of beginner souls. Beginner souls are sweet, simple, malleable and easily led. Yes, that figures.

All the time I was reading this I was ticking off points and saying to myself- yes, I knew that, I knew that, i knew that.

Souls refer to their lives as "projects". Every project has some point or other. 

So what's my current project all about?

I think I know...
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