Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Glengarry Glenross

It's a little disorientating to hear Jack Lemmon say "fuck" and "cocksucker".  Where did he pick up that kind of language?  Did he really know what he was saying?

It's like that movie where Jimmy Stewart says "semen" and (correct me if I'm wrong) "pantyhose". Anatomy of a Murder- that's the one.

And Lemmon and Al Pacino performing one of Mamet's feisty, little, lyrical duets together- that's wrong, surely? Lemmon does films with grouchy old Walter Matthau; he doesn't do films with Pacino. There's some timeslip going on. We've phased  into a  parallel universe. I'm going to wake up soon.

I like Jack Lemmon. He made a huge career out of playing obnoxious, over-anxious, sweaty little men. In real life we'd cross the street to avoid his characters. But up on the screen...

We love him; we feel his pain.

Shelly- the Machine- Levene: don't you just love it?
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