Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Columbus Day


Enters the church,
His coffin carried
By cruel princes.

Hear the kettle-drums,
Doom, doom,
Hear the trumpets,
Hear the conches.

Riches, riches,
Rot the heart;
Was exceedingly rotted.

I would not want
That rotted heart
Of Cristofero’s
To be beating near me.

Doom, doom,
Doom, doom,
Goes to the tomb.

His fame flaps
Like a flag on a beach
And booms like a cannonade
Fired at mountains.

This was inspired by photos of Columbus' grave in the cathedral at Seville. Actually, it's almost certain that his real grave is in the Dominican Republic and the body in the Spanish tomb belonged to his son, Diego- but never mind.

As you may have gathered, I hate the bastard. 


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