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Tony Grist

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Riding Through The Glen- Again [Oct. 8th, 2006|11:31 am]
Tony Grist
The Michael Praed Robin Hood looks a bit silly now, but it rode a zeitgeisty little wave. Neo-Paganism and all that shit. And it had pretty music by Clannad.

It's probably too early to pronounce on the latest version, but the first episode didn't exactly grab me.  It seems a bit Prince of Theivesy to me- and that's not good. All that superheroic archery- firing two arrows at once- hitting impossible marks. And a Sherrif of Nottingham who's a bit like Alan Rickman only less so. I could feel my enthusiasm draining away.

And this Robin looks puckishly cute- a bit of a wide-boy, a bit of a geezer- but he can't fuckin act- so what's the point of him? You'd have thought they'd have learned from the example of Jason Connery that a pretty face is not enough. 

But I liked the sets.