Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Project

The project is to keep our weekly shopping bill under £45.

I hasten to add that we're not doing this because we're skint. Well, not really skint. It's more to do with making life interesting.

We've been at  it three weeks now. Last week was fab; we spent about £21. This week we spent just over £40. We've proved it can be done.

Every trip to the supermarket becomes a challenge. We write shopping lists and stick to them. Every aisle bristles with temptations we heroically resist.  We fall on special offers with cries of joy. 

We walk back into the car park with  our £12 worth of cheap groceries feeling good about ourselves. Also- and this is the weirdest thing- we're almost certainly eating a healthier diet.

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