Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Family Funeral

We've got a family funeral coming up next Tuesday. Ailz's uncle. Nobody on her side of the family liked him much. I met him a couple of times in passing. I gather he had a bad-ass drink problem.

I hate funerals. They're nasty. The religious pablum no-one really believes.The professionals doing their professional grief act. Bad theatre, bad music, bad faith. 

I'll be going to support Ailz, who'll be going to support her father, who'll be the only one of us who actually wants to be there. 

It's his brother. His younger brother. Younger by over ten years.

Ailz's father does a lot of funerals. It's one of the penalties of running an old folks club. At one time not so long ago he seemed to be doing a couple of funerals a week. 

I wonder what that feels like: to be in your seventies and attending funerals all the time?  I wonder how he defends himself?
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