Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


The cinematographer wanted to compose his shots. Bunuel wouldn't let him.

Bunuel's movies are almost entirely free of music. Music tells us what to think and feel; Bunuel insists we think and feel for ourselves. The only non-diegetic music in Nazarin is the drum roll at the end. 

Bunuel is the purest of all film makers. He sets up the camera. He has things happen in front of it.  He has no style. He is Ed Wood- but an Ed Wood of sublimely over-arching intelligence.

Nazarin is on the Vatican's list of 50 best films. Viridiana was banned by the Vatican.  And yet they're saying exactly the same thing.

Did Bunuel hate the church or did he love it?  Worse, far worse: he observed it.
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