Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Johnny Lotsafriends

I was hippety-hopping around the LJ universe and I came across a man with 1,940 friends.

Staggers back in amazement. 1,940 friends! How come I don't have 1,940 friends?

I snouted around and found the answer. The reason I don't have 1,940 friends is because I don't write graphic novels.

Mind you (admire my eyes, they're as green as glass) most of those friends aren't real friends. They're people who have befriended him. His list of people he's befriended is no longer than mine.

Imagine if he did befriend all those 1,940 people back; he'd spend so much time keeping up with their 1,940 LJs that he'd never get to write his tasty little posts about drinking dead men's sperm and the like.

Each of his posts carries a nifty little copyright notice. He's afraid someone might steal them. What- even the one about how he's been updating his computer? Yes, even that one.
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