Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Spamified Kim.

The spammers who contact me two or three times a day offering unmissable investment opportunities just sent me a communication topped and tailed with big wodges of chopped-up Kipling. How literate of them! 

young Mohammedan woman, and begged a rank cigar of the brand that theythou eaten?' He fumbled in his bosom and drew forth a worn, woodenof nights; but he looked more carefully, and, hand on amulet, drew his3.25a.m. south-bound roared in. The sleepers sprang to life, and thefree myself from the Wheel of Things by a broad and open road.' Hebeautiful meals all hot from the cookshop at the head of the serai,

Even reduced to the consistency of dog food, Kim is a spicy read.- young Mohammedan women, cigars, trains, amulets, the Great Wheel of Things- Sock it to me, Rudyard, baby!
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